Save Globe Wilkins wants to hear from YOU!


We are asking the community – What does Globe Wilkins Preschool mean to you?

Over the next month, SGW will be collecting personal viewpoints from people & organisations that are connected to Globe. We will then present these to both the NSW Department of Education and the Inner West Council to show the remarkable reach this preschool has and the devastating loss to our community that closure would bring.

To keep things short & snappy we are requesting that each submission is only one sentence long.

We will be publishing them on social media and there are various ways to submit your answer, as well as varying levels of anonymity.

How to lend your voice to this project:

Send your message to or via direct message on facebook or instagram.

Possible formats:
– video (you can talk directly to the camera or film something else while speaking)
– written & submitted with an image (again, it could be a photo of yourself, or of anything else at all)
– written with no visuals (this is totally fine too!)

Levels of anonymity:
If you are comfortable, please provide your first name & your relationship to Globe.
You may wish to just provide your relationship to Globe, or no information at all, in which case we will publish it as ‘Anonymous’.

We would love to hear from current, future & past Globe parents, children & family members, educators past & present, organisations who work with Globe, academics who have studied at Globe and MPs & Councillors who support Globe.

We look forward to hearing from YOU!